• David A. Arnold, the longtime comedian, ‘Fuller House’ producer and Netflix star, has died, TMZ confirmed.

    Producer and veteran star ,David passed away peacefully today in his home and doctors have ruled the cause of death due to natural causes. Please keep our family in prayer and respect our privacy at this time as we are all shocked and devastated by this loss.”May God gave peace his soul

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  • Democrat Mary Peltola tops Sarah Palin to win U.S. House special election in Alaska

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  • Thinking Is Key Of Life

  • Courage Never Goes Down

    Veteran quarterback Mitch Trubisky made a great first impression.

    Rookie wide receiver George Pickens did, too.

    As did rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett.

    Trubisky, signed as an unrestricted free agent from Buffalo, directed a seven-play, 90-yard touchdown drive in 2:45 on the first possession of the game on Saturday night at Acrisure Stadium.

    Pickens, drafted on the second round out of Georgia, caught a pass from Trubisky for a 9-yard gain on the first play of the preseason, and then a 26-yard fade from quarterback Mason Rudolph for a touchdown that finished off the Steelers’ third possession.

    It was a promising start to what turned into a fantastic finish.

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    The Seahawks sacked Pickett for an 8-yard loss on fourth-and-1 from the Seattle 45-yard line with 1:17 left in the fourth quarter, but a forced fumble by inside linebacker Mark Robinson and a recovery by outside linebacker Tuzar Skipper on the following snap gave the Steelers one final chance to break a 25-25 tie.

    This time, Pickett responded with an 8-yard scramble to the Seattle 24 and then a 24-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Tyler Vaughns for the game-winning touchdown with three seconds remaining in what wound up as a 32-25 Steelers’ triumph.

    Trubisky went 3-for-5 passing for 47 yards on the game-opening march, including a 13-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Gunner Olszewski, who also had a 25-yard, catch-and-run conversion of a third-and-6 on the snap prior to his touchdown reception. Trubisky finished 4-for-7 for 63 yards and a touchdown in his two series of work.

  • life going on

  • Mathematics

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    Hi friends today I read the biography of Aryabhatta who was great scholar of mathematics , astronomy and astrology . Who gives the world zero and the value of pie before 12th century BC.

    when world doesn’t have the any technology , how it’s possible to calculate the exact value of pie which is true at present time .

    Aryabhatt is the first person of the world who says earth revolving around the sun , while others believe sun revolving around the earth.

    I think on that if Aryabhatt doesn’t think about zero how can we assume present world. Without using zero we can think about Artificial Integilence or we can assume about binary numbers. We can’t , I think

    mathematics is not a just subject it’s a seed of our present and future . It makes our present better and shapes and helps our next generation.

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  • What is life

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    hello friends today I think what is life, it’s a question for every human being , either who is wealthy man or who is poor . I think should I reviewed my journey from my childhood days to till date , I found that no matter hows your life gone or how it will going so on

    matter is that how you do your work and how you kind are how you gain people thrust, how you joy with your family and friends.

    No matter how much more you wealthy because when you lay on bed on last days of your life then what will be your desire , people comes with you I salute you sir and give a lovely smile don’t worry I am with you it’s a worthy life for every person wants which money can’t give.

    Thank You

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